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    Just let me scrape the dirt off my shoes ... there. Well, what an enjoyable tour that was of Mary Lu and Bob's garden. Thanks to them, and to Gary for his fascinating apian information!

    Susan (garden chick)

    And thank you for teaching me a new word - writing apian instead of bee elevates the whole tone of the post!

    Town Mouse

    Sounds like a great time was had by all! Beautiful garden. Next year I'll have to do that tour again.


    Hi Susan

    I had to look up the word 'docent' on Wikipedia. I'd never heard of it. Anyway, I understand it's a good thing to do.

    The bee, I mean apian info is so important right now. I read somewhere that the Californian almond harvest is worth $1.9bn, takes 1.2 million bee colonies to pollinate (the largest pollination in history) and accounts for 80% of the worlds crop. In these days of colony collapse, awareness is pretty darn important.


    glad you had fun. Keep having it.

    Susan (garden chick)

    Town Mouse, the turnout was not as big as your tour a few weeks ago, but still quite respectable (although I can't even imagine 900 people, 250 seemed like plenty).

    Rob, I think at this point they've determined that Colony Collapse Disorder is some sort of virus and hives are gaining in strength again. Gary mentioned that it used to cost about $15.00 for one hive, which is enough to pollinate 2 acres of almonds. Now the cost is more like $150.00. I guess supply and demand works everywhere.

    Wayne, not only did I have a great day, I even got volunteer hours!

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