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    Risa Edelstein

    I really enjoyed your video! It was so personal...thanks for sharing that with us. I love how you explain how you help people breathe life into their garden. As a fellow landscape designer, I really appreciated that insight.


    This film is beautiful and meaningful. Well done, Susan and Rebecca!

    rebecca sweet

    Susan - I must tell you yet again what an incredible experience this was for me...not only was it an honor that you even wanted to film me, but I learned so much from watching all of you in worked SO hard on this film, and it shows. If you ever get tired of designing gardens, I'm sure there's a career in filmmaking for you!


    Wonderful video! I like it!


    How wonderful! Rebecca's garden is so lovely and I loved the way the video was layed out. Thanks for sharing this.

    Scott Hokunson

    Susan, Wow! Really well done, and such a heartfelt piece. Bravo to you, and to Rebecca for opening up and inviting us in.


    Susan I think you did a lovely job in capturing the essence of Rebecca and her garden. You made it more than just a garden tour, but a personal history. So much more memorable and enjoyable to watch.

    Jon and Linda Anderson

    Susan. Being Rebecca's parents what a wonderful and unexpected gift you have given us in this video. You've captured the calming and regenerating powers that gardening gives to a person

    I'm so flattered that you left a comment! And thrilled that you liked the film. By far the hardest part was editing down so many of the wonderful stories Rebecca shared, many of them about you and her grandmother, into just four minutes. Both Rebecca and Emily are wonderful on film. (After he saw my first rough cut, my instructor said "I get it! Her grandmother was a gardener! Less talking and more shots of the lovely mother and daughter!"

    Susan (garden chick)

    Thank you, everyone, for leaving such warm and encouraging comments. I never think twice about a blog post, but it's always a bit nerve wracking sharing your work when it's outside of your comfort zone so I can't tell you how much your kind words mean to me.

    And a special thanks to you, Rebecca, for giving so much time and energy to this project!


    lostlandscape (James)

    Very nice, Susan. Somehow I just knew that you'd do a great job of it! I especially like how you've shown how a garden can be a collection of memories as well as a set of plants, and how good design can emphasize that.

    James, next time you're in the Los Altos area, you should ask Rebecca for a tour. Not the drought tolerant/native garden style you go for, but I know you'd be utterly charmed by her garden. As an added incentive, Town Mouse is only a few miles away!


    marvelous, I am struggling with the administration continually mentioning they are thinking of selling our land and moving the school to a smaller campus... my garden no being part of that move. It has me in a bit of a funk.

    Oh Wayne, I'm so sorry to hear that. Education is a tough business to be in these days.


    WOW, Susan, I cannot believe what an amazing job you did with this video. Not only do I feel like I know Rebecca better, but even though it's dark out I'm suddenly itching to get outside and garden myself...

    What a beautiful gift... thank you.

    Gen, thank you! That's one thing you and Rebecca have in common - you are gardeners down to your core.

    Town Mouse

    Amazing! I very rarely watch you-tube videos to the end, but this one was just captivating. Of course I do like gardens...

    Great job!

    Thank you Townie. That means something coming from you, as I know from pasts posts you don't hesitate to let me know when you disagree with something that I say ; -)

    Claire Maloney

    Well done Susan and Rebecca! Once again we're reminded that gardens are about people.

    That is exactly the message of the film.


    Susan, you are a talented filmmaker. I hope to see more garden films from you. I love the way you presented Rebecca and what her garden means to her. A heartwarming work!

    Kate, thank you for your kind words. The whole experience has been wonderful.


    Great video, very inspirational!


    This was just great! You did such a great job with it. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Catherine, thank you so much! It'll be a while though. I'm looking forward to focusing on design (and catching up on blogs) for a little while first.

    Michelle Gervais

    Wonderful, Susan! I loved it! You've captured the essence of one of my favorite people.

    That is one thing we have in common - Rebecca is one of my favorite people as well. The one thing that disappointed me a little was that I had to edit out so much of what she had to say. If you didn't know her, you'd never guess she has such an irreverent sense of humor!


    Susan - Lovely film. You capture the essence of Rebecca and her garden is such a moving and beautiful way. Bravo!

    Thank you! That means a lot coming from a professional filmmaker!


    When you leave the door open to critism, good or bad, well I'm going to tell you the not so good stuff, only, there isn't any.

    I really think you hit the why we garden 'nail' on the head.

    This was polished stuff Susan, liked the Germaine Greer quote


    Rob, thank you SO MUCH! You got out of it exactly what I hoped you would, that gardens and gardening are so much more than just a hobby.

    But the real question is, did you like it enough to fly me out to France and make a video of you?


    Your video came out great. I've , concepted and art directed, and directed editing sessions for many a tv commercial and corporate video -- but that's the extent of it. The writing, camera work, sound and lighting are still like magic to me. You've done a great job. I'm very impressed. When they do the story of my life, you'll have to film it. I'm think Clooney to play me (George, not Rosemary).

    Good thing you gave me some notice - I'll get right on the Clooney thing. My people will call your people.


    How compelling and lovely...

    Really, when it all comes down to it, our gardens are a reflection of the stories behind them, and behind those stories are people and their souls, which imbue our gardens with heart and meaning. How lovely to see into the soul of a garden and the gardener, through your eyes, Susan. It was a truly moving experience. Was it the music? Was it the truth and spirit in Rebecca's eyes? Was it the feeling that I was sitting on a rainy afternoon, in a cozy little building built by hand, sharing the kind of secrets we really all live to share? All of it came together in such a small and brilliant little diamond of time. And we all know how much time and pressure goes into the creation of a diamond... Well done!

    Wow! Thanks Maureen for such thoughtful praise. And spoken like a true gardener. Although my hope is that even non-gardeners will appreciate the film, there's no question that passionate gardeners are the ones who really "get it."

    Susan Harris

    I agree with everyone - it's delightful, and looks thoroughly professional. Good for you for getting yourself trained.

    Right back at you! I was very impressed with your Hip Hop Garden Productions (and LOVE the name). We'll have to share filmmaking tips next time we cross paths in person.

    Danilo Maffei

    What a beautiful job you did. The editing, in my humble and amateur opinion, is lovely and insightful. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of not only Rebecca's world, but yours as well.

    Thank you for the kind words. Hearing that a fellow designer enjoyed what we created really means a lot.


    Susan, I am just catching up on blog reading after my vacation, and I am wowed by your short film. "Central Texas Gardener," produced by the incomparable Linda Lehmusvirta at KLRU, makes similar pieces each week for their local PBS production, and this reminded me of that show---although your focus is more on the gardener than the garden itself.

    I found myself pausing the film repeatedly to catch a longer glimpse of Rebecca's lovely garden. But she was fantastic, and you captured so much of the meaningfulness of gardening. Wonderful! I'm going to watch it again.

    Pam, what a lovely comment! Rebecca's garden is beautiful even on a cold, rainy day in February, which is when we shot it. I've been there in September and it's really spectacular then. But in February, other than some camellias and pansies, the only thing blooming were the iceland poppies. There were actually only two plants in containers, but we kept moving them around.

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