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    Jean Ann Van Krevelen

    I always knew you were an amazing designer...and here I am trying to keep the darn things OUT of my garden :)

    Your post was hilarious! But I'm bummed you discourage gardening in a diaphanous night gown and six inch heels, because that's a gardening look I really think I could rock!


    I love the part about gophers! LOL! Never thought about it that way. . .

    Seriously, that WOULD absolutely be the best part!


    Werewolves as gopher control :) LOL They can stop by any time if they want a snack. Fun post!

    I think I may be single handedly responsible for increasing the street cred of werewolves among gopher-hating gardeners.

    Christine Johnson

    Gophers! GOPHERS! I just snorted into my coffee. Thanks for the fab post!

    You are welcome Christine! Taking part in a little blog-a-thon to promote your book has been a blast!

    Rebecca Sweet

    Girl - you just proved you can design a garden for ANY situation! I wish you the best of luck in attracting the most hunky of werewolves to your garden...except for one thing - I heard a little rumor that werewolves are actually all female! (yep, it's true!)....

    Hey, it's MY garden design fantasy, and therefore, hunky werewolves are the name of the game! And frankly, anyone who thinks her chickens are bright enough to outwit a werewolf isn't really in a position to judge.


    LOL! Proof positive that you are a versatile designer, ready to think deeply about your client's needs. Whole new meaning for outdoor dining too. Brill!

    What can I say? It's a tough economy. I'll take whatever business I can get.


    moonlight makes me think of the candytufts in our front yard...

    also werewolves could feed on deer, no?

    Good idea. Instead of a dog run, maybe include a deer run in the garden.


    I was going to ask you how you came up with this title, but your post explained. I rolled my eyes over the Twilight books but read them all anyway. I haven't given much thought to a garden for such creatures, though. My father-in-law would love to have help with his gophers - if you ever meet any werewolves in person, drop me a line and I'll give him directions to a tasty buffet.

    I have a feeling a werewolf-for-hire business that specialized in gophers could make a killing (no pun intended)


    I love your versitility on being able to design for ANY client. Great blog!

    rob (OurFrenchGarden)

    What about garlic? Or is that something for Vampires.

    I love the Venus fly trap.

    I'm laughing at your response to DP's comment. Show me the money.

    Exactly my point. I write about werewolves, but first thing that comes to mind are vampires. Werewolves are the ugly stepsisters in undead society. I feel positively virtuous that I've helped them gain some of the respect they deserve ;-)

    Irrigation Systems

    That was a very entertaining post and you are certainly a versatile gardener. I don't know how serious you were being about keeping a venus flytrap but do you have any tips on how to grow them? They are very tricky in my experience.

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